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Good Morning from the Beautiful Arrowhead Country Inn of Mt. Carmel, Utah! Gorgeous day today – cloudy with the chance of rain. We have a wedding here tonight – so we hope the weather stays neat (without the rain). We hope you enjoy the new website. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks and have a wonderful day!




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  1. Denise Kleffman/Alan Findlay

    Not sure if this is the forum to submit comments but we do alot of Caribbean traveling and this was probably one of our most fun vacations and right in our own US of A. Piney cabin was private and so well decorated it was almost not like a cabin, it was so darn cute. Very mountainy or country-ish. This place had cats, pigs, goats, 22 laying hens (fresh scrambled eggs everyday), 3 horses in the pasture that whinnied occasionally (a sound we savor on the farm), a rooster that crowed occasionally (another wonderful farm sound), ducks, wonderful antique farm equipment and alot of heirloom antiques inside their main home which belonged to their parents. We had 3 older women next door who told us they didn’t like the cats even on their porch. Good grief, what were they doing there then, go to the Radisson! It was fabulous. We befriended the two twin tabby cats and gave them cups of water on the porch every morning and evening after our excursions and we picked burrs out of their fur and petted them and they sat in our laps, etc. I felt like adopting them – they were wonderful pets. They had a cute weiner-dog who hopped alongside the horse as the one daughter rode it at night. The breakfasts were fantastic. Jane had to leave the day after we arrived to attend to her husband having hip replacement surgery but her 2 daughters and a couple helpers took over making her recipes and they did a topnotch job. Being a cook and loving it I had to buy her cookbook and I am making her peach Dutch babies tomorrow morning for our breakfast. Who doesn’t like a wonderful breakfast. They sustained us the whole day and then we’d go out to eat in the evening. The things to do within reach of this place are phenomenal. We were at Bryce, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Moqui Cave, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Zion, Antelope Slot Canyon (which you MUST DO – it is beautiful – go with the Chief Tsosie website), and also did another slot very close by via Dreamland Safari Tours. It may not be as pretty but there were only 4 of us in there and the guide, Will, was fabulous. What a sweetie. We had a wonderful Indian guide in Antelope but it was very crowded. However, it’s not to miss – we took the photographic tour and it was a bit hard to get photos without people in them but what I got we cherish. There aren’t alot of restaurants nearby but we loved the Thunderbird in Mt. Carmel Junction, the Buffalo Bistro up the road about 10 miles (wait til you get a load of the exotic menu – however we were sports and had buffalo ribs, wild boar ribs, and were not disappointed even with the rattlesnake/rabbit sausage – tasted like any other spicy bratwurst). It’s a place you must visit. If you are weak, he has salmon and steaks! :-)) If you are needy you hang a red hankerchief on the doorknob to your cabin and they will come tidy up. However, we don’t need this, we clean our own house and empty our own garbage and make our own beds and don’t change sheets every night! LOL. So we took care of our own garbage and never needed a thing. But they are there if you need them. I once got some extra toilet paper but I just asked for a couple rolls at breakfast. People are so laid back there and we met 2 pair of wonderful friends from Indiana and from Michigan and that was very neat to us. The only thing I wanted to do and didn’t was let the hens out of the coop in the morning. I saw them one morning and they were so cute – I had forgotten from the farm – they were practically on top of each other trying to get out of there and out into the outdoors and scratch and peck and eat chicken feed on the ground (this is what real range chickens are – like I am used to from my childhood unlike the horrible process that chickens go through which we buy and eat their eggs purchased from the grocery store. I had a couple city (LA) friends say, “oooo, I can’t eat eggs right from the chicken.” I had to tease because that is so ridiculous. Where do they think their eggs in the grocery store come from (maybe 1-2 weeks after laying)? These were so fresh and so good and of course they are washed before cracking just like any other egg. Alan and I laughed so at those silly city comments. If you like laid back, would like a taste of the rural life and no congested roads, highways, freeways, aren’t afraid of animals and enjoy the noises of the farm (which are not enough to keep you awake at night, believe me), you will love this place. It is a wonderful place for kids and they have a large family cabin. Their cabins are either with full kitchens (if you want to do your own cooking) or like ours with just the essentials (small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker). I cook every day of every week for the most part so to me going out to eat dinner is a treat so we opted for Piney Cabin with no full stove, etc. But they pretty much have anything you’d like. THIS PLACE IS A MUST! My husband wants to move to Utah but I had to remind him that every nice place we go, he wants to move there, however, we aren’t retirement age so it’s not going to be a vacation, he’d have to work! That’s a sign of how nice it is! Denise Kleffman and Alan Findlay

  2. Dave and Carlynn Thompson

    We had such a great time staying at Arrowhead and visiting the many attractions in the area that we are sending a note to some friends who are planning a trip to the area suggesting that they stay there.

  3. Betty

    Like the blog

  4. Chad Berdin

    Very superb visual appeal on this website, I’d rate it 10.

  5. Joan Cavaliere

    My hubby & I stayed for 6 nights. It was simply wonderful!! Jim & Jane are wonderful people. The breakfasts are great as well as the location, cabins, etc. it is between Zion, Bryce, & North Rim of Grand Canyon perfect to go in any direction. I cannot say enough great things about Arrowhead Logde. I would stay again & again if we come this direction, the cabins are fully stocked down to the utensils!! MARVELOUS simply MARVELOUS. Being out at night looking at the thousands of stars was also a great treat for us Austintown, OH city folk. I am fortunate to be able to work away from home & my iPad, & phone got great reception. The animals, especially the old tomcat Tom are cool too. He hung out on our porch, since we have 2 cats at home he was a real joy! As well as the numerous humming birds we watched while eating breakfast.

  6. Joan Cavaliere

    Oops only down side…NONE!!!

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