Finding Zion

When Jim and I were kids we often visited Southern Utah.  With our folks having Utah ancestry, we learned to love it here and then decided to move here when we were able to make it work out.  It took 25 years, but we did it!
Seventeen years ago, we restarted our Zion Experience, a journey that began with moving to Southern Utah, establishing a bed & breakfast — Arrowhead Country Inn — and continuing on our quest to get to know Zion.
As with any major move, we’ve had our share of highs and lows, but we never forget to look up at the scenery as it always reminds us of how we got here: with lots of hard work and huge dreams, not unlike our ancestors who made their way to God’s Country with so much less and of course a much harder road (or lack of roads) to travel.  Our sweat and hardships are nothing compared to theirs!
Through this blog, I will try to share my personal feelings about living in the “land of Zion” and give travel tips and anecdotes that will help you feel about this place the way I do.  There are a lot of travel sites and books that give you information about Southern Utah — where to drive, hike and stay — but this blog has more to do with “finding Zion” than just how to get here.
There will also be tips on “finding” Bryce, Cedar Breaks, Lake Powell, Coral Pink Sands, Grand Canyon North Rim, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and other unbelievable destinations in Southern Utah and surrounding areas.  Until next time….
Happy trails………….Jane

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  1. C. Lucas

    Patiently, yet excitedly waiting…

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