Zion Waits


Adults often remember things as bigger or grander from their childhoods, usually to be disappointed by the actual size of the object, whether it’s giant relatives, or houses or insects, only to find things much smaller than we remember.

Zion Canyon doesn’t do that.

Credit: US National Archives

It is just as huge and spectacular as it was on our first trip there as kids.  The cliff walls are enormous! The Great White Throne, Sentinel, Court of the Patriarchs and Temple of Sinawava all tower over you as you drive or shuttle you way through the canyon giving you the feeling of being very small and at the same time, holding you and protecting you from everything in the outside world.

You will then be drawn to the colors and shadings of the canyon walls and start to understand the reason so many artists and photographers from all over the world make sure Zion is one of their must paint and capture on film destinations.  Artists such as Maynard Dixon and photographers like Ansel Adams often came to Zion to try and claim its beauty and grandeur and did it quite successfully.

So bring your paints and cameras and try to capture Zion yourself!

Happy trails….Zion waits.



One thought on “Zion Waits”

  1. Theresa & Martin

    We stayed at the Arrowhead B&B in April 2013. We have to admit it was the most beautiful country we had ever been privileged to visit. We have been to all 50 states and several other countries, but none compare to the giant beautiful views of Zion and Bryce, and the Grand Canyon. Jane and Jim make one feel right at home and the gracious breakfast is so appealing and delicious, can’t help but overeat!

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