Arrowhead Restaurant Guide


To help you have a great experience here with us in Southern Utah, we are providing a list of some of our favorite area restaurants.  Please call the restaurant or look them up online for more detailed information.


Thunderbird Café, Mt. Carmel Junction “nice atmosphere, café food, good, delicious pies”

Golden Hills Café, Mt. Carmel Junction “café food, good”

Subway Sandwich Shop, Mt. Carmel Junction

Soup Town and Ice Cream, Orderville “good lunch, old fashioned ice cream, open Tues–Fri”

Cordwood, Zion Mt. Resort, EAST ZION/Mt. Carmel Junction to Hwy 9 to Zion “a bit pricey, but good, changing menu”

Forscher German Bakery, Orderville “awesome white & red pizzas, authentic German bakery, very good”

Ray’s Restaurant, East Zion at the Zion Ponderosa, “great atmosphere, gluten free and vegetarian options, delicious menu variety”


Sego, Kanab, “higher end, good”

Rocking V Café, Kanab, “ranging from bison tenderloin to some gluten free, vegetarian and vegan fares. Great burger, good food”

Parry Lodge, Kanab, “where John Wayne & other western stars used to stay, old autographed pictures of western stars on the walls, good food, open breakfast & lunch”

Houston’s Trail End, Kanab, “a locals favorite, good American style food, good prices”

Nedra’s Too, Kanab, “OK atmosphere, nothing extraordinary, but good Mexican food, chips and salsa very good”

Escobar’s Mexican, Kanab “busy, good Mexican food, locals love it”

Fusion House Japanese-Asian Grill, Kanab, “good food, decent price options”

Lou’s Chinese, Kanab, “good food, decent price options”

Iron Horse, Kanab, “BBQ, good food”


Juniper Ridge, Fredonia, “neat place, some entertainment, option of higher end type food (lower level) or the higher level has a sports bar with burgers and such”

Cowboy Butte, Fredonia, “good steaks, good chicken strips, good American fare”


Adobe Café, Hatch, “great little diner”


Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant, HWY 12 before Bryce, “family owned, great food, a gem”


Oscars, Springdale, “busy, southwestern, great burgers and ribs”

Pizza and Noodle Factory, Springdale, “busy, good food”

Majestic View, Springdale, “busy, neat atmosphere, great views, good American food”


Jacob’s Lake Restaurant, on way to N. Rim Grand Canyon, “old fashioned diner, good food (great cookies), neat gift shop”


Bryce Canyon Pines, Bryce, “great patty melt, homemade pies, nice people, good food”

Ruby’s Inn Restaurants, Bryce:

Cowboy’s Buffet & Steak Room, “a bit pricey, but good buffet and good steak room”

Canyon Diner, “average western food, burgers, hotdogs, halibut, bratwurst, our’s was quickly prepared”

Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill, “western food, entertainment, reservations recommended”