Nine Safety Tips for your Outdoor Winter Adventure

In light of the recent late snow storms that have affected the area we’ve decided to write an article about hto to survive in the outdoors during cold weather. The following are some tips that should help you survive even the coldest winter you will ever experience.

19980402 03a David @ Zion National Park
Photo Credit: David Wilson

  1. Do not keep your hands inside your pockets. There are gloves and mittens to keep them warm. If you keep your hands inside your pockets, there is a big possibility that you will suffer from too much damage when you accidentally slip while trying to walk on snow or ice. If your hands are out, you can instinctively use them to balance your body to avoid the fall or to minimize the damage.
  2. Gloves or mittens? If it’s fashion you are after, gloves are going to be your choice. Mittens though can save your life. With your fingers all inside one compartment, you can touch them together to create friction that can produce more heat. With gloves, your fingers are separated with the materials and thus have no chance of rubbing with each other.
  3. Forget cigarettes and coffee. If you need to shovel the snow or do any strenuous work during winter, you should avoid smoking or drinking coffee prior to doing the tasks. Coffee and cigarette can increase the heart rate and can result to constricted blood vessels.
  4. To keep your walking surfaces from being slippery, try using rock salt with kitty litter. Rock salt can make the ice melt faster from your slippery surface and the kitty litter provides temporary traction. Slippery surfaces are not good especially if you have to run back and forth because of your job.
  5. Being prepared for emergencies is always a good idea. Always have a tin can ready, along with candle, matches, and paper cup. In case you get stuck somewhere and you run out of water. Just go out of your car, grab some snow, put it in the tin can, and melt it using the lighted candle. Snow, when melted can be a great substitute for drinking water.
  6. Do not go directly into your car and then drive off. Do some stretching exercises especially if you have to drive around, like when making deliveries. Warming the car is also always a good idea as well. But make sure that you will be warming out your car outside and not inside a closed garage.
  7. Six inches of running water on the road you are walking isn’t safe. It is best to be very cautious are you could easily be swept off your feet.
  8. Report damaged power lines. It can only be expected that there will be damaged and broken power lines or gas lines, both in your residence and place of work. Reporting these incidents immediately means lesser danger for everyone and faster recovery of normal lives, as well.
  9. There could be many more things that you can do to survive the biting cold of winter if you have to go outdoors to work. The important thing is to make sure that you are always dressed properly. You should also check your car’s running condition, winter is not a good time to get stuck somewhere with snow all around you. It is also important to be ready to lend a helping hand if you see someone or some people getting into difficulties due to the weather conditions. You would want someone to help you out in case you get into trouble, wouldn’t you?

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