Q: Is breakfast included?


Yes*, a great big country buffet breakfast is served each morning at 8:30am Mountain Time) OR if you can’t make the 8:30am, we offer a continental breakfast at 7:30am, which includes the basics, such as toast, cereal, coffee, yogurts, tea, etc.

*Breakfast is NOT available in November


Q: Is breakfast included with the cabin stays also?



*Breakfast NOT available in November


Q: Are there any Restaurants nearby?



See our guide at:

At Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah, about 2 miles South from Arrowhead, are Thunderbird Cafe, Golden Hills Cafe and a Subway Sandwich shop.

At Orderville, Utah, approx. 2 1/2 miles North from Arrowhead there is the seasonal Backerei Forscher German Bakery (awesome specialty German pizzas, pastries and more!!), Shelly’s Sandwich, Yogurts, Smoothies and Pizza Shop (American pizzas! Yum. Great service) and Soup Town (delicious variety of soups).

There are many additional restaurants in Kanab, only about 20 minutes away South of Arrowhead, such as Rocking V Cafe, Houston’s Trails End Restaurant, Nedra’s Too, Pizza Hut, Lotsa Motsa, Three Bears Sandwiches and ice cream shop, etc.



Q: Where is the nearest grocery store?


Terry’s Market (a small, but good grocery store with all the basics) is about 3 miles North in Orderville. For larger grocery stores, Honey’s Jubilee or Glazier’s Market in Kanab, about 20 minutes South of Arrowhead.


Q: Do you have Wi-Fi access?


We provide complimentary Wi-Fi to our Guests.  It is available in the main lodge and can be accessed in the lounge, dining room and the patio areas.  The lounge areas close at 9:00pm.


Q: How many days should we stay so we can see everything?


Our Guests frequently tell us “they wish they had known to stay longer”.  Often once our Guests arrive and get settled in they start to really see the possibilities.  Arrowhead is your perfect base camp for the area.  We are located between three national parks and many other great sights and destinations along the way.

Because Arrowhead’s location enables you to head in a different direction every day to explore the three national parks and so many other great places all around we could tell you “stay as long as you can”, but since that is not a very good answer we will instead suggest to you “stay at least 3 nights if you can”.  That way even if you don’t have time to make extra stops and check out the other neat places along the way, you can at least take a day at each national park or perhaps choose a couple of the other awesome sights to visit for a day.

Some of the other sights and destinations from Arrowhead include the gorgeous glowing dunes at sunset of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (about 20 minutes from Arrowhead), or head over to take a boat ride on the blue waters of Lake Powell (about 1 hour away) or the breathtaking overview of Cedar Breaks National Monument (about 1 hour from Arrowhead) or for our extra adventurous Guests try the dirt roads of the Grand Escalante National Monument (about 25 minutes from Arrowhead).  There are many more sights and destinations besides these mentioned here.

Although, 3 days could give you enough time to get a great glimpse of many of the area’s most famous attractions, perhaps staying at Arrowhead for a week would better enable you to take in more of the lessor known but awesome sights of the area too.


Q:  Do MapQuest, GPS and cell phones work in the area?


MapQuest, GPS and cell phones may not always work properly in the remote areas of the great west. Please bring a hard copy map of the area with you on your trip and have Arrowhead’s location pin- pointed before you head out.  Cell phones typically work at Arrowhead, but may not always work when traveling through the mountainous areas to the parks.



Q:  What is the best time of year to travel to the area?


There is nothing set in stone making any one month better than another, but we do have information to increase your chances of being able to experience the area at the most comfortable times.

Keep in mind the entire “Color Country” area is awesome to see at basically ANY time of the year.

Please note:

Although the below graph doesn’t show it “Arrowhead tends to be busiest in May and September”.

*August and November tend to be less busy tourist months for the area.

Tip: the end of October or November are usually a very nice time to visit, BUT if you plan on visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, please note: services stop on about Oct. 15th. The end date for services doesn’t mean the roads are closed, just the services wouldn’t be available.  “Typical” complete closure of the North Rim is usually around the beginning of December, weather permitting.  See below for more info.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon closure info

Zion Monthly Visitation Graph



Q: What’s the weather like during certain times of the year?


The average range can be anywhere from “0” degrees to “100” degrees depending on the month and time of day.  Please be prepared for fluctuating weather when traveling in Southern Utah.

Q: What’s the weather like today?




Q: How should we dress?


We recommend you be prepared for all sorts of weather variations. Mt. Carmel, the National Parks and the surrounding areas are all in different elevations, therefore each can experience completely different weather on the same day.

  • FALL: dress for warm and cool/cold weather.
  • WINTER: dress for cool/cold weather.
  • SPRING: dress for warm and cool/cold weather.
  • SUMMER: dress for warm/hot weather.



Q: Are you open year-round?


No, we are only open seasonally.  Typically, we are open April 1st through October 31st (for 2017 we are open November, but are not serving breakfast in November).


Q: Do you take pets?


ONLY two of our cabins are dog/cat friendly, with restrictions and additional fees. Please call/email for details. 435-648-2569 or


Q: Can we drive our personal vehicle through Zion National Park?


People ARE allowed to drive through Zion National Park via Highway 9 on their own without the shuttle —The Shuttle is only needed to go up the scenic area canyon (called Zion Canyon), BUT the main road (Highway 9) is open for travel in personal vehicles year round. For information about the shuttle and Zion see:


Q: Do the cabins have a BBQ grill?


Some of our cabins have a BBQ grill. If you are booking a “cabin” and would like one, please make the request when you make your reservation, first come first serve. We do supply propane.



Q: Do we have a swimming pool?


Yes, we have a newly remodeled pool, but it is SEASONAL ONLY and no life guard on duty.  Pool is available daylight hours only (opens at approx. 1pm daily and closes when the sun goes down) and not during inclement weather.


Q: Do we have a hot tub?


Yes, but we do not heat it unless given advance notice upon check-in or during your stay.  It typically takes about an hour to heat.  Our hot tub is SEASONAL ONLY and no life guard on duty.  Our hot tub is available daylight hours only (opens at approx. 1pm daily and closes when the sun goes down) and not during inclement weather.

Q: Do you supply towels for the pool and hot tub?





Q: Are the cabins fully stocked?


All cabins have sheets, towels, bathroom amenities, blow-dryer, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, coffee and coffee condiments. NOT all cabins have “full” kitchens.



Q: What is a full kitchen?


A full kitchen is a kitchen with a cooking stove, utensils for cooking and dining, fridge, microwave, sink and counter area, coffee maker, coffee and coffee condiments.


Q: Which cabins have full kitchens?


The Cedar Creek Family Cabin and the Cottonwood Cabin have full kitchens.


Q: Which cabins DO NOT have full kitchens?


Piney Cabin, Garden Cottage, Orchard Cabin, Juniper Cabin, Willow Cabin, Yellow Rose Suite and Morning Glory Room include a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, coffee and coffee condiments.



Q: Are the cabins or rooms air conditioned?


Yes, all rooms in the main lodge have central air conditioning, ceiling fans and heating.

Yes, all the cabins are air conditioned, have ceiling fans and heat pumps.



Q: Does the cabin have a fireplace?


Some cabins have a fire place, some do not.

  • The Cedar Creek Family Cabin has a propane flame heating stove.
  • The Cottonwood Cabin has a wood burning fireplace.
  • The Orchard Cabin has a wood burning fireplace.
  • The Juniper Cabin has an electric fireplace.
  • The Piney Cabin does not have a fireplace.
  • The Garden Cottage does not have a fireplace.
  • The Willow Cabin does not have a fireplace.
  • Yellow Rose Suite does not have a fireplace.
  • Morning Glory Room does not have a fireplace.



Q: Is firewood included with the cabins that have a wood burning fireplace?


During the winter months we provide a two night supply of wood with each cabin that has a wood burning fireplace. If you need more wood during your stay, please let the front desk know.



Q:  How far is Arrowhead from______???


Approximate Mileage: — Estimated Time From Arrowhead:
(Keep in mind variables, traffic, weather, etc.)
Zion Canyon National Park East Entrance 15 miles — Approx. 15 min.
Bryce Canyon National Park 60 miles — Approx. 1 hour
Grand Canyon – North Rim 100 miles — Approx. 1.5 hours
Grand Canyon – South Rim 199 miles — Approx. 4.5 hours
Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument 15 miles (Glendale Entrance) — Approx. 20 min.
Las Vegas, NV 187 miles — Approx. 3.5 hours
Salt Lake City, UT 308 miles — Approx. 5 hours
St. George, UT 72 miles — Approx. 1.5 hours
Best Friends’ Animal Sanctuary 15 miles — Approx. 20 min.
Cedar Breaks National Park 45 miles — Approx. 1 hour
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park 17 miles — Approx. 20 min.
Moqui Cave 14 miles — Approx. 15 min.
Navajo Lake 39 miles — Approx. 50 min.
Old Hollywood Movie Sets/Frontier Movie Town – Kanab 19 miles — Approx. 20 min.
Pipe Spring National Monument 39 miles — Approx. 45 min.
Glen Canyon & Lake Powell 88 miles — Approx. 1.5 hours
Monument Valley 208 miles — Approx. 3.5 hours
Capitol Reef National Park 172 miles — Approx. 3 hours
Flagstaff, AZ 222 miles — Approx. 4 hours
Phoenix, AZ 366 miles — Approx. 6 hours
Moab, UT 299 miles — Approx. 4.5 hours



Q: Are there nearby trails?


After days of trekking through National Parks and Monuments, you might like to stay a little closer to the home base for a day and take a hike to the beautiful White Cliffs of the Elkhart Mountains, the stunning back-drop to Arrowhead Country Inn. There is not a “set” trail for this adventurous, beautiful hike.  The dry washes leading up to the White Cliffs are normally used as the trails.  Before you can begin your trek, you will need to cross the creek behind Arrowhead.  Please be prepared to get your feet wet.  After crossing the creek follow one of the dry washes that wind through meadows and juniper trees on the way to spectacular sandstone slot canyons at the base of the White Cliffs.

Head back to Arrowhead and take a tour of the historic summer home and studio of famous western artist Maynard Dixon, as well as the Bingham Art Gallery, both just across the street from Arrowhead. See the White Cliffs from the gallery’s picture windows, and see a variety of artists’ renditions of the White Cliffs on canvas.

Also see our itinerary page ->



Q: What hikes do we recommend in the parks?


Each National Park provides a pamphlet at the entrance upon entry. In these pamphlets is a map and list of trails. The list includes the length of the trails and the difficulty level of each. Since each person, each circumstance and each person’s abilities can vary greatly we recommend you review the park’s information about each trail.

Also please take into account the variables, such as weather and physical ability of your group’s members. Each park has easy trails, medium trails and hard trails.

I cannot think of any trail option which I have had the pleasure of hiking on at any of the surrounding parks which is not extremely neat and exciting!

The National Park official web-sites also give some information about their trails:
Zion: ttp://
Grand Canyon:



Q: Where can I find information about the Maynard Dixon Country/Bingham Art Gallery, including hours of operation and tours.


See This wonderful art gallery and historic home are directly across the street from Arrowhead.



Q: Are there any Laundromats or Laundry Facilities available for Public use?


Arrowhead does not offer Laundry Facilities for Guests, BUT nearby (about 2 miles South) at the Golden Hills Motel and Thunderbird Motel there are Public Laundry Facilities available.



Q: Where’s the nearest pharmacy?


Kanab, Utah has pharmacy options. Kanab is about 20 minutes from Arrowhead.



Q: Where is the nearest Hospital or Medical Clinic?


The Nearest hospital from Arrowhead is in Kanab, Utah, about 20 minutes South. The nearest Medical Clinic is in Orderville about 5 minutes North of Arrowhead.



Q: What are the Park Entrance Fees?


Below are basic Park Entry Fees, but each park has Fee variables, such as different rates and fees for Motorcyclists, Trailers and RVs, etc. Also there are additional Fees for certain things, such as camping, etc. If you are going to all three parks you may want to consider purchasing the National Park Pass which is good for 1 year. Prices subject to change.  See below.

Zion: $30 per Private Vehicle – Valid for 7 days.

Bryce: $30 per Private Vehicle – Valid for 7 days.

Grand Canyon: $30 per Private Vehicle – Valid for 7 days.

National Park Pass Options:
America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass:
Senior Pass. – Cost $10.
Annual Pass – Cost $80.


Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?


Arrowhead Country Inn is a small property where every guest reservation made is both important and special to us. If your travel plans change and you must cancel you reservation, please call us at least 21 days prior to your arrival date for a refund of your deposit less a $25 processing fee per room or cabin booked.

In the unlikely event that you must cancel with less than 21 days notice, shorten your stay or check out early, please understand that we ask you to take responsibility for your entire reservation. If we can rebook your room(s), a full or partial refund will be made.  Guests may want to purchase travel insurance.

Please note:


Guests may compare travel insurance policies with websites such as:,  or any other insurance provider of your choice.

Select a policy that meets and covers unexpected events to protect your personal goals and needs.

**We do not promote or endorse any particular coverage. We are not insurance agents nor licensed to sell insurance.


Q: Do Kids stay free?


Yes, kids 12 and under stay free, but occupancy per room or cabin limits apply.



Q: Is there an extra person fee per night?


Yes, each additional person over the amount of 2 Guests (not kids under 12) requires a $20.00 fee per night. The full country buffet breakfast each morning is included in the Extra Person Fee. There may not be more than the maximum amount of Guests per room or cabin, unless agreed upon by Owner in advance. Please read each Room or Cabin description for details of occupancy limits.

(Note: November has a $15.00 per additional person fee, no breakfast).


~For additional questions please call or email us ~
1-435-648-2569 or
Happy Trails!