Day at Arrowhead near Zion National Park – mini horses, ranch dog, baby

Miniature horses, wagons, ranch dog, smiling baby and how about that back drop! Another day at Arrowhead…Well at least until the snow comes and then all new adventures:) Thank you Marla Jennings (driver) and Tower of Cards (music).

“Out of the Ordinary” is a good place to be, we think anyways:)

Here’s some suggestions to Get Out of the Ordinary (at least for a little while):

  1. TAke a little walk on a rainy day without an umbrella
  2. ┬áMAke new friends that aren’t like your old friends (not that there is anything wrong with your old friends, just try to think outside of your normal box)
  3. GO somewhere new and slow down while you’re there to be able to experience it, “to really experience it”
  4. LEarn a new craft, something that is somewhat unique and not something you imagined ever doing
  5. Give unusual gifts to friends and family (of course try for things they’d appreciate, but help them to experience some new things also)
  6. GO alone somewhere in the great outdoors and look up at the sky at night and imagine the possibilities…they really are endless
  7. TEll a story, a made up total fib story! Make it crazy but believable (not mean in any way though) and then tell the recipient (after you have them convinced) that it is all make-believe, giggle to yourself at being so convincing
  8. LAUGH out loud for no reason at all, deep contagious belly laugh out loud
  9. TRy something daring, it’ll be a great story to tell later (a real one anyways:)
  10. TRy new foods from different cultures, choose the wierdest of the wierd, you can do it
  11. FInd a lucky penny (heads up) and give it away to a stranger
  12. ENjoy being the Unordinary!

    *Enjoy unordinary at your own risk