Bringing Your Dog on a Hiking Adventure

To have a pet dog can be rewarding in a lot of ways. But pet dogs are just like humans; like children. They need constant care and attention. They give us certain joy, and to some, a certain level of loyalty that even other humans cannot offer. While they can give you great rewards including health benefits, they are great companions too. They will protect you. And when you do activities together, you build a special bond. We do have two cabins that are dog friendly, so contact us beforehand to ensure booking these cabins.

Roxy At the Dog Park
Photo Credit: Michael Gil on flickr

When you go hiking with your dog, you will feel his excitement, his eagerness to get going. But you need to remember before you bring your dog with you, ensure the place you are to hike do allow pets and that your dog is properly geared for such outdoor adventure.

Things to Remember When Planning to Bring Your Dog on a Hiking Adventure:

  1. Are dogs allowed in the place you are to hike? Not all favorite hiking areas allow pets, or dogs for that matter. So make sure you can bring along your dog and must check the sites’ rules and regulations regarding pets. You must adhere to all restrictions and dos and don’ts.
  2. Like you, your dog will need things to bring on the hike. Make sure you have enough food and water for your dog to keep him energized and hydrated. Likewise, he might need some accessories to make him comfortable. It is also advised to have him checked up by his vet before the activity to gauge how fit he is to go with you and to give him necessary preventive medications.
  3. It is best that your dog is on a leash. This is to calm down other hikers who may not be comfortable with dogs. Dogs do get too excited at times. They could run away from you when they see something that interests them, a wild creature perhaps. And if he is not on a leash, he can run off chasing that creature you will not be able to control or stop him. Your dog could even create damage to the place. For the dog’s safety and for other hikers’ safety as well, keep your dog on a leash. This will enable you to control him when he is too eager to follow a trail. It will be more fun for you and the dog to accomplish the activity together. Then, if that was fun for both of you, maybe you could do this again in the future.
  4. As part of ethics, you should be ready to clean up your dog’s waste. You could either bury the waste using a small spade or have a plastic bag for that which you will have to pack out with you. Well, I prefer the first option better. Just like any feces, your dog’s waste contains lots of harmful bacteria.
  5. Not all people adore dogs. Do not be complacent that other people will adore your dog like you do. There are some who are either allergic to dogs or are not at all fascinated with dogs. You must have full control of your dogs. He is your responsibility. If he inflicts any harm to other hikers or to other pets, that will be a problem.
  6. Never leave your dog alone inside your car especially during hot months. Temperatures easily build up and he could get suffocated from the heat.

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