How to rescue a hummingbird that doesn’t want to be rescued.

Hummingbirds are fast and agile, and they can be very territorial — so much so that the Aztec God of War was a Hummingbird! I tell you all these things now because I have recently gained a new appreciation for these little guys. I met one up close and we got personal.

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3 Little Piggies

Three little piggies live at the Arrowhead farm.  Only they are not so little now.  Martha weighs about 300 lbs and her little sisters, Abby and Dolly each weigh about 250 lbs.  They used to be cute and sweet, now they are really big, but still sweet (as much as a pig can be). We will soon be breeding […]

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Fall at Arrowhead Country Inn 2011

Good morning!  Just a quick note to let you in on a really good secret;  Fall at Arrowhead Country Inn is spectacular!  It is our very favorite time of year with all the  fall colors and cooler temperatures.  From October 21st thru November 21st we are offering a fall discount to allow you to come and […]

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