3 Little Piggies

Three little piggies live at the Arrowhead farm.  Only they are not so little now.  Martha weighs about 300 lbs and her little sisters, Abby and Dolly each weigh about 250 lbs.  They used to be cute and sweet, now they are really big, but still sweet (as much as a pig can be). We will soon be breeding them to one very lucky boar (not a bore) and should have several little piggies in our pens by summer.

The “Girls” (as we call them) are Guinea Hogs and are a Heritage breed of pig originally from Africa and brought to America early in our history and bred by illustrious farmers such as Thomas Jefferson.  We also have rare-breed chickens and goats and hope to be adding rabbits, ducks and turkeys this spring.  Our horses, cats and cows will appreciate the company!

Well, I hear the critters calling….it’s time to go feed!

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